New Community, New Challenge!

14 February 2015

New Community, New Challenge!

14 February 2015, Valentine’s Day – a day that will always be remembered by our little community at Springfield Lakes! On this day, the four of us : Sr. Theresa Maria Dao, Sr. Marie Josephine Phan, Sr. Anna Pham and Sr. Mary Joseph Sze were sent by our District Superior, Sr. Teresa Lau to ‘pitch our tent’ at 19 Chamomile Street – to start a new mission of evangelization and pastoral service.

new communityFr. Mauro Conte, the parish priest of Our Lady of the Southern Cross Parish was invited to bless the new convent after celebrating Holy Mass . Sr. Teresa, the whole Boronia Heights community and the young Sisters from the Novitiate witnessed the launching of this newest community in our District. Additionally, in March, we invited the parishioners and neighbours to have an afternoon tea in our convent, more than 25 of the invited people turned up.

In the Parish at Springfield, all the Sunday Liturgies are taken place in the school hall of St. Augustine’s College at Augustine Heights at the moment. There are several choir groups and they take turns to sing at Vigil Mass and Sunday Mass. The Youth Group is responsible for one Vigil Mass every month and Sr. Theresa Dao joins them, she also assists in the Children’s Choir who sang on Mothers’ Day Sunday Mass just recently. Sister also assists Sr. Mary Joseph in the Sacramental Program preparing children from the parish and from non-catholic schools for the reception of Confirmation, First Holy Communion and Reconciliation. Sr. Josephine helps in the Vietnamese Catholic new communityCommunity of Brisbane at Inala every Sunday and is also engaged with giving religious instructions to the youth and to the children. On weekdays, both junior Sisters are engaged with pastoral ministries at SPCRAC at Boronia Heights. Sr.Mary Joseph give catechism class to Brian, a former Presbyterian every Tuesday at Boronia Heights, preparing him to be received into our Church and to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation. Brian was formally received into the Catholic Church by Fr. Antony, the parish priest of St. Bernadine on Easter Vigil. For the rest of the week, Sr. Mary Joseph works at the parish office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at St. Augustine’s College. 

new communityWe have now been in our new home at Springfield Lakes for 3 months. We are getting used to the pattern of our community and apostolic life. We are happy with the regular times we set up for common prayers, Holy Mass, meditations and Eucharistic adoration; we always can find sufficient time for personal prayers, spiritual readings and private devotions. We share our pastoral experience of the day at table and at recreation. We also share house chores and take turns to prepare meals. We have community sharing twice a month and we have found these helpful in getting to know ourselves better since it is through these occasions that we can encourage and support one another, talk things over, clear our doubts and clarify issues so as to avoid misunderstandings, and rash judgment.

Sr. Mary Joseph Sze

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