3 October 2015

The Lord is my light ~ my song ~ my salvation (Ps 27:1)

Thank be to God with all my heart! God’s grace is always sufficient for each of us. Yes, “Alive in the world, let us be light“. This is the quotation printed on the prayer cards of our Six Sisters: Sr. Chartres Kwok, Sr. Teresa Lau, Golden Jubilee 2015Sr. Damian Lai, Sr. Angelina Fong, Sr. Mary Joseph and Sr. Moira Cheung who celebrated their Golden Jubilee in Religious life. I feel it is really amazing how wonderfully God has blessed our District in Australia. 

The Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated at Brisbane on 3rd October 2015 and at Moss Vale on 20th November 2015. The Main celebrant was the Most Rev Bishop of Wollongong - Peter Ingham, and bishops, priests who concelebrated with him.  The Chapel was overflow with people, there was not enough space to seat but the atmosphere was so warm like a family gathered together to celebrate the Heavenly banquet. Our hearts were full of happiness, love, peace and gratitude. The Chapel was well prepared ahead of time. The flowers were so golden jubileebeautifully arranged by the overseas student Sisters. On the Altar there were six candles standing, to represent the Six Sisters who have offered their whole life to Jesus. Their life and mission are never tired like the candles burning during the whole Eucharistic Celebration. 

Through participating and preparing for this thanksgiving to God, all sisters of the young generation like me have a chance to learn and absorb more and more how wonderful God’s grace was working among us in so many varied and special ways. His love and providence never fail us when we truly and humbly give ourselves to follow Him. I really appreciate those grace-filled, beautiful and memorable moments on that great day of our 6 Sisters’ Golden Jubilee Celebration and it will always remain cherished in my mind and heart.

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Sr. Anna Pham

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