A happy day of receiving Religious Habit

15 August 2015

 “I exult for joy in the Lord, my soul rejoices in my God, for He has clothed me in garments of salvation, He has wrapped me in a cloak of saving justice, like a bridegroom wearing his garland, like a bride adorned in her jewels” (Is 61,10).Just as a new born baby in her family, she is welcomed with warm atmosphere by the members of the family. She knew nothing except to say thank you to all. habit receiving
Today is a special occasion. The Church celebrates the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady. She is clothed with a cloak of gold and around her head, the crown of twelve stars – a reward which she has received after the quiet and hard life on the earth. And for me, today I put on the SPC Habit, or in other word, put on Christ. I was excited to wait for the day come. A voice whispers to me: “your great day is coming”. That is a great day, I was overwhelming with joy and happiness. A big bold mark was stamped on me, I got a new ID!
Before receiving the Habit I had a week of retreat. The time to plug on the energy and prepare for the next station. It is also special time to be near God and again to think over my vocation. I think that if I sincerely desire to follow God, He will bestow on me, grace to continue my vocation. I could feel His love towards me through the Sisters. Each step of mine is the guidance and help from the Sisters. Life is journey not destination. Yes, it is not merely stop at wearing the habit but today I am starting another stage of the journey which is new and surely it is not without challenge. The Habit reminds me that I belong to the family of SPC Congregation, and become the instrument to serve God’s people. With your grace, I will walk with you, Lord, to wherever you lead me.

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Sr. Monica

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