Bush in joy on the profession day

15 August 2015

I alone  know the plan I have for you (Jr 29:11)

 As a religious, pronouncing her faith and determination to take Christ as model of life in the witness of the Church is the peak of the commitment. I have done this great thing on 15thAugust,2015. After four-year-preparation, I have decided to commit myself to Christ for the service of mankind in the Congregation of the Sisters of St.Paul de Chartres. I have chosen Christ and yet He chose me first from eternity. When I first made my decision to enter religious life after overcoming many interior as well as exterior struggles, I firmly determine that the vows are what I must undertake for the rest of my life. During the two-month-preparation I had chance to reflect on the past time. I felt that I no longer have any anxiety but a calm and peaceful disposition surrounding me. I have found where I belong.1st profess 2
On my First Profession Day, I am the new bride of the Divine Spouse. I could experience His touch in my heart. On this day, both sides are looking forward as a couple who decide to come to marriage after the engagement time. I know there are risks when I commit myself to someone and yet this is the One who I have never seen face to face but experienced. Nonetheless, the Supreme Master of Love who is Love Himself knows how to teach His Spouse to absorb the true love through a life of commitment. Thus, I trust in Him and keep going. I was overwhelmed with joy. This special day also gave me a profound experience of community life when I saw all of the Sisters around me share with me the joy not only through greeting but also through deeds. They had a great busy day full of things needed to prepare. They inspired in me the deep love of community life where I am to belong. I take this chance to thank God and thank all the 1st profess 2Sisters of Australia District who have been continuously showing forth the love of God to me through their life, their action and their love. Now I, therefore, as a professed Sister of St. Paul de Chartres should make the glory of my God be gradient by following the footsteps of my Divine Spouse through the guidance of the Holy Spirit which I could partially experience through the obvious examples of the Sisters around me. I am a young bird which has just trying to leave her nest and learn to fly. I need the courage and support which I am assured to receive from the Mother, my loving God, and my elder Sisters who will not hesitate to stretch out their wings to protect me when danger comes. Thus, I am confident to keep going on my journey. 
Hence, all things are just the beginning. I still have a long journey to walk, a long way to reach to my real home in heaven. Though I know there will be danger, loneliness, difficulties, I know there are also joy, happiness which are waiting for me in this journey if I could learn to trust in God’s Providence and love with sincere heart. I ask the Lord every day that I will be faithful until I meet Him, my Love, my Spouse on the day He returns. Amen.


Sr. Teresa Francis

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