Ignite Conference – A Wonderful Event

27 September 2015

 I heard people mention the Ignite Conference many times but I could not imagine how it looks like and what people do there. This year is the first time I have a chance to attend Ignite. The topic of Ignite was “One”. I am impressed by its organization, people I contact, workshops and rally.
I would like to talk about the organization. It was a great preparation such as: there was a chapel where the sacrament was exposed for people coming to worship the Most High. The rooms for workshops were well prepared, the place for participant groups to set the stalls were well-done. Then, the food service, the guiding group, which I apply for myself in spiritual life that I have to be well organized, I have to be tidy and clean so that the house of my soul will become a good place for God to remain, because he is not only my friend as he announced but more than that he is my God, my savior, my Father.ignite
Even though it was just the first time I attended the Ignite program but I found people were very friendly, joyful, happy and helpful. It seems to me they are my family members, I did not feel strange or isolated. I learn from them their enthusiasm, activeness, intelligent in doing things, their solidarity and willingness to risk. They dare to do with full energy. These aspects which I can also apply in my daily life - that I live not alone but I have to live for people, live with and together with them so that the relationship between me and God through others may fulfill the word Jesus said: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13: 35). The word “love” seems very simple but people have to use many ways to attain its perfection. 
Workshops were interesting with varieties of topics. I had chance to attend the workshops from 25-27 : man up in life , the rebuild challenge, faith and fitness, St Francis of Assisi for today’s youth, sexuality; are we free to be who we want? entertaining ourselves numb, evangelization in the Catholic schools. The worship I like the most was evangelization in the catholic schools. In this workshop, the preacher talked about the way of the popes from 1975 until now. In 1975 the evangelization in the modern world of Pope Paul VI. He said there is no doubt that the effort to proclaim the gospel to the people of today, who are sustained by hope but at the same time often oppressed by fear and distress, is a service rendered to the Christian community and also to the whole of humanity. That is easy to understand therefore we are human and we want things comfortable and simple but to be a witness for God in this world, we have to encounter many different and difficult circumstances but we believe that God is always with us. So as a religious sister I also offer ignitemy part with the church to build up the kingdom of God to increase in quality as well as quantity

The Church is born of evangelizing activity of Jesus and the twelve apostles. That is true because the apostolic work does not stop with the apostles as in Jesus’ time but each of us is Jesus’ disciple and our duty is to help people to know and come back to God by our daily lives. The Church is an evangelizer, but she begins by being evangelized herself. The pope did not emphasize the Church in evangelizing must be a preaching church, but she does stress that she has to first evangelize herself.
-The Church is the depositary of the good news to be proclaimed
In 1990 Mission of the redeemer by Pope John Paul II. The mission of Christ the redeemer, is entrusted to the Church.
For Jesus the purpose of evangelization is drawing people into his intimate relationship with the Father and the Spirit.
Finally, the time for rally was also impressive. I can see the full energy of the youth with the worship songs, their movement. Moreover, there was time for Eucharist as well and I remember the sentence spoken by Bishop Mark : “be patient but don’t lose your heart”. At that time of Ignite I saw a lot of young people going to make reconciliation with God. That is a good sign because they are the future of the Church as long as they continue to practice their faith. They practice their faith not only by their word uttered on their lips but by their actions as well. The image of the youth is also a lesson for myself that I have to reconcile to God by my life which means I have to train myself to be truthful in every way – in my words, and in my deeds, so that I may be an authentic witness of God’s love and goodness.
Sr. Theresia

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