Annual Retreat 2015 of the 'Friends of St.Paul' in Brisbane

8 December 2015

Last 8th December, 2015, Friends of St.Paul in Brisbane had a great time for the annual retreat with Fr. Fernandes Errol SJ from Mumbai, Indian about St. Mark Gospel. FOSP 2015

Through these talks Fr. Errol emphasized the important of praying in Christian's life and his suggestion on the method of praying had made a significant impress to the members of Friends of St.Paul in Brisbane. In the talk Fr. Errol got Jesus' prayer as the model of all prayer to God which are Surrender, Simplicity and Fearlessness to ask what is needed though it is impossible to be done. The result of prayer is all the same which is being fortified to do what needs to be done. This talk has had a great effect to Friends of St.Paul for their next year's meditation.

The second talk was about how to be on the top of the world always. The method of getting out of fear, anger and wrong desire in the weak human's heart. Through this session, members of Friends of St.Paul FOSP 2015had a chance to look at their inner self more deeply. The release of fear and anger which come from the selfishness which is hidden in self was expressed obviously in the smiling face of those who attended the talk of the Jesuit Father. The surrender to God's will was made up at the later moment of the talk in the heart of the Friends of St.Paul. The freedom was found and love conquered. 

This was such a great experience about God's love that the Friends of St.Paul as well as the young Sisters who had a chance to join with the group for the talk. May God continue to pour out His grace to sustain us in faith and strengthen our love and zeal to moving forward to the Great Light.


Sr.Teresa Francis

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