Children's Christmas Camp 2015 at SPIC Moss Vale

21 December 2015

The Christmas Camp which was orgarnized in SPIC Colledge by the Junior Sisters has brought a great joy for the Children who are their students in RE class of State School in Moss Vale. This is the first time this event is orgarized and yet it has brought an incredible effect to the children as well as our Junior Sisters.children camp

 Sr.Marion who is teaching RE in State Schools has a good impression to them was the main orgarnizer for this plan. She invited the Junior Sisters of Brisbane to come up in order to help as well as gain experiences of children ministry. This was a great chance for the Junior Sisters to gather and co-operate in the work of our Great Lord. This occassion did not only bring joy and happinesschildren camp for the children who surely have had a meaningful Christmas in the Lord but also for the young Sisters to be immerged in the purest enjoyment of those who the Lord set as the model of the Kingdom of heaven. Both organizers and attendants had a wonderful time for the preparation of the coming of the Prince of Peace.

After this success, the Sisters have been nurtured with zeal to continue the plan for the Easter and next Christmas program. May the Lord bless them in this ministry to bring joy and happiness for the little children whom He loves.



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