6 Junior Sisters renews their religious profession

2 February 2016

“The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want”

On the Feastday of the Presentation of the Lord in 2016, the door of the Year of Consecrated Life was closed. On this very day last year, there were 6 youngNovices who professed their religious vows in public witnessed by the whole assembly of the Catholic Church at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Time flies. Now is the time to have this Profession renewed.Vow Renewal

After 3 days of silence encountering with the Lord to recall the grace of God upon them during the past year, these 6 Junior Sisters decided to keep following their callto Religious Life with the renewal of their Profession. This brings much joy to the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, particularly to the Sisters in the District of Australia. After one year living as Religious Sisters, these young Sisters have grown more mature in their spiritual life. Their words and actions have witnessed to those around them the loving heart of the Lord.On 2nd February, 2016, witnessed by the Congregation, these 6 young Sisters renewed their Vows in the presence of Sr. Mary Joseph Sze - the District Assistant. Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Albert Chan,msc, who is living in our SPC Residential AgedCare. May God continue to bless our Congregation and keep us faithful until His return.


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