24 December 2014


Christmas is a time when we remember all people – the old and the young, the fortunate and the unfortunate…..


carol 2014 1

On 3rd December this year, Sr. Damian, Sr. Catherine and some Junior Legion of Mary members went to The Como Hospital to sing carols for the sickly elderlies. It was a public holiday on that day, and some patients had gone out. However, to suit in all the singers’ time, we went forward. We met the lady in-charge who welcomed us. We walked around the paths between the wards with our “Joy To The World” and other Christmas songs wishing them A Merry Christmas. They were very happy indeed.

The following weekend, we had a much larger group of singers – grown-ups and young ones, off to The Parkdale Home for the Elderly. First we were led to a room where they gathered. But only two old people were there – an old man with no expression, but the old lady was very much cheered.She even joined our singing. We had a photo with them.carol 2014 1

Then we walked about a number of lanes between the wards. Nearly all residents there were very happy. We entered one room where an elderly lady was. We shook hands with her, another old lady; and she immediately joined in the choral fun. The singers too, turned very high spirited too.Christmas is indeed a time to rejoice, a time to be happy – for the givers and the receivers. Let us pray that many other people who are suffering in one way or another, that they too may share the blessings from the Lord at this festive season.


Sr. Catherine Wong.

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