What shall we say to the Lord for the wonders He has done for us?

2 February 2015

 Life to me is Christ (Phil 1:21)( A short reflection from the 6 young Sisters who made their First Vows on 2nd February, 2015)

All we could say is that our hearts are filled with awe and immense joy and gratitude that God had called and chosen us, and we have responded by following Him with faith, love and joyful hope in the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Paul de Chartres.1st profess 1
Looking back throughout the early years of formation, we recognized that our mission is not ours but God’s. Time went by, we have come to know before our First Profession that how precious we are in God’s eyes; that it is only through experiencing his unconditional mercy and love can we then be able to return love for love and have the strength to say “Fiat” to Him in the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres where we live and serve Him with exclusive love. Like Mary, we had signed a blank cheque without knowing what lies ahead, yet we believe in his enduring faithfulness that our lives will be filled with graces and beyond surprises!
With God’s grace, and the constant guidance and support of the Sisters in Australia; priest, parents and friends, we were able to profess our first religious vows publicly with faith and joy. We were glad to know that our commitment had left a special impact in the hearts of many visitors and that we had revised the spirit of love in many others, too. Besides, our day occurred in the Year of Consecrated Life which helps to enhance the awareness of our mission in the Church - a conviction that our vocation is also the Church’s treasure and vocation. Therefore, we pray and are determined to practise and live what we had professed to God and to His Church.
We know that our Bridegroom Jesus knows our minds and hearts and how much we love Him and desire to be faithful to the Father forever in the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to tell all people that we love Him above all things, that our consecration has its meaning when we unite the offering of our lives to his sacrifice of praise for the Kingdom of God and the service of mankind. We thank God for choosing unworthy servants like us to be His witnesses of faith, love and hope in this secular world. We are forever grateful for what our Sisters have done for us and have accepted us as we are. Yes, our lives must shine and be consumed as the candle we held on the very day of our First Profession. 1st profess 1
We were all overwhelmed by the presence of our Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Bishops and priests from inter-states and overseas. The presence of Mother General Maria Goretti Lee, Sister Emily, her General Assistant, and especially the presence of some of our dear parents and relatives from Vietnam. Particularly, the simple yet profound talk of Mother General before our profession has lifted our spirit up. Hope in God and joyfully offering ourselves and be faithful to Him are the message of dear Mother General.
Dear Lord, we believe in your Word that anyone who had left father, mother…shall receive a hundredfold, and shall inherit eternal life. We now have received more than hundredfold, for our family is extended to the whole of humankind when we embrace all whom we serve and love.
Love and constant prayers are how we can express our attitude to the Lord and to our dearest ones. For, from now on, “life to us is Christ!” (Phil 1:21)

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