International Festival at St Paul's International College

18 March 2016

 It was on Friday, 18th March 2016 when the International Festival at St Paul's International College was held. This is an annual Festival of St Paul's International College which always bring joy and happiness for everybody who are related to SPIC College including Sisters, staff and students.SPIC International Festival 2016

There were quite a number of activities during this Festival, among them were the marvelous performances from students depicting their national cultures, and delicious traditional food of different countries in the world. The Festival's success can be measured by remarks of the visitors: "the food tasted amazing and the performance was spectacular! We'll definitely come back next year!".
A big thanks to all the Sisters, staff and students for their efforts that had brought so much fun and enjoyable time to all. There will be a lot of preparation for the next Festival which promises many other surprises and entertainments.

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