The Renewal of Vows of the three Junior Sisters

15 August 2016

I know the plans I have for you (Jr 29:11)

Vow Renewal 15-8-2016 On 15 August, 2016 the three Sisters of St.Paul de Chartres in Australia, Sr. Theresia Nguyen, Sr. Maria Goretti Tran and Sr. Teresa Francis Pham, renewed their vows after one year of profession. The year has gone so quickly for our young Sisters to experience the life of community and practice to live the Evangelical Counsels as religious. The three Sisters have decided to keep going in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, their Supreme Master, among the gladness of theVow Renewal 15-8-2016 whole Congregation  especially the  community of Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres in Australia. May God continue to bless them and be their strength on the ‘narrow road’ they had chosen. May they experience His love through the love of the community and the service they are offering in His name to all people.


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