Multicultural Mass – The celebration of heavenly experience

21 August 2016

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. (Jr 17:7)

Multicultural 2016 On the 21st to 28th August, 2016, the Sisters of St.Paul de Chartres in Australia had chance to join the Multicultural Mass celebrated in parishes where they are serving, and in St. Stephen’s, the Cathedral of Brisbane. Multicultural Mass is such a blessing for which we, members of the pilgrim Church, can experience the heavenly atmosphere when people from different nationalities could gather together with one accord to praise the Lord in one faith, one aim and one heart. This is the mysterious heart of the Lord in which we have been privileged to take part.The Sisters deeply appreciate having this privilege of rendering their services to the Church through the Congregation. May God continue to bless us and guide us in our service to all people, in every continents to which the Lord leads us.

Multicultural 2016

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