A grateful praise to the Lord for the departed members

4 November 2016

 A grateful praise to the Lord for the departed membersNudgee Cemetery 2016November is the time to remind us of our departed ones. With grateful heart, Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres in Brisbane joined the annual service of the Archdiocese at Nudgee Cemetery on 4/11/2016 to pray for all the departed priest and religious. This occasion has left in the Sisters especially the young ones a profound inspiration of fidelity and gratitude. Nudgee Cemetery 2016The Sisters came to the ceremony not only to pray for the souls but also to look in awe the lives they have passed. Their faithfulness to God encourages the young vocations to continue on the journey of consecration. The gratitude is expressed for their dedication to God in serving throughout their entire lives. May their enthusiasm be continued in us as we journey this temporary pilgrimage until we can praise the Lord with them in our true eternal homeland. May they rest in peace! 

Nudgee Cemetery 2016“Thanks to those who have been parts of our happiness, so that we can discover the God of Love.
Thanks to those who have caused us hatred and displeasure, so that we might learn the spirit of forgiveness and patience of God
Thanks to those who have enlightened our lives that we can find the meaning of fraternity
Thanks to those who have left in us the regret and pity that we might learn not to waste any moment of life to love and be loved.”



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