Pilgrimage to Sydney Cathedral for the closing of the Year of Mercy

13 November 2016

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. (Lk 6:36)
Closing year of Mercy 201614 SPIC students and Sisters joined by friends from the Philippines made their pilgrimage to the St. Mary’s Cathedral for the closing of the Year of Mercy on Sunday 13th November, 2016.
Being blessed with a beautiful day, the group of 26 pilgrims comprised of Catholics and non-Catholics shared with one another the joys of being God's children who are loved by our Heavenly Father through different experiences of mercy in one's life.Closing year of Mercy 2016

The solemn closing of the Year of Mercy echoed a sense of awe and wonder in our pilgrim group as they are so caught up in life's hustle and bustle: 'What happen then if we are not reminded of God's mercy and eventually become merciless ourselves?"

This well-asked question arose from a deep reflection on how mercy can touch and transform our life. Yet the answer is much simpler than we thought: "It's the beginning of mercy era rather than the end of it. Closing year of Mercy 2016Go and be God's mercy to the world”, said Bishop Anthony Fisher, the main celebrant on that day.

May God continue to guide us on our journey of being transformed by mercy, and may He keep our Philippines friends in his safe keeping as they head back to their country in a few days’time.

Sr. Maria Goretti

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