Go and tell the Good News to the world – SPC Youth Camp 2016

18 December 2016

 Emmanuel – God is with us indeed!
In preparation for the welcoming of the Christ Child born in the world as well as in our hearts, the Sisters at Boronia Heights welcomed more than 40 youth members to the SPC Youth Camp 2016.

SPC Youth Camp 2016
It was such a tremendous experience for the youth with a full day scheduled for various activities from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The good news is all of them enjoyed SPC Youth Camp 2016very much throughout the day - programs with so much fun, and partying! Apart from games, group activities, entertaining programs ... we had also tried our best to provide spiritual items including Eucharistic Celebration, Praise and worship, Reconciliation, Spiritual input /talk, bible sharing, and adoration.

SPC Youth Camp 2016

What a wonderful day we had! “ At first, I put my name down to go, thinking it will be a boring day with the nuns,… however, at the end of the day I must say It’s so worth it and I am so glad that I come” one of them honestly shared. Replied a sister: “It is so rewarding that we could be able to organize something like this for our youth who is not only the future but who is also the present of our Church and our World”
Wow, thank you to all our youth members for allowing us to share and accompanying you on your journey of faith. Looking forward to welcome you again soon!
Sr. Theresa Maria


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