2017 International Festival at ST. Pauls International College

24 March 2017

The annual International Festival at St. Paul’s International College has become a highlight event in the Southern Highlands. Coming to the Festival is an explosive and informative adventure into cultural diversity. Every year, local and overseas visitors anticipate for this event which is the first item in their March ‘to-do’ list.SPIC Festival 2017
This year our Festival falls on 24th March. It was another successful milestone bringing 11 different ‘tastes’ from various parts of the world. Cuisines from China, Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan were available for Asian food lovers. Western cuisines were offered in Italian, Swiss, Spanish, and Turkish stalls. If you love ‘black forest’ and other Aussie stuff, there was a stand for desserts and beverages. Joining for the first time, an SPC counter offered quails and fried sweet corns on the menu. Moreover, beautiful weather was so much a surprise and blessing which contributed greatly to a successful day at SPIC.SPIC Festival 2017
Delicious food is not the only remarkable part of the Festival. Attendants can enjoy a spectacular performing night afterwards. Performances were varied from singing, dancing to instrumental playing. A good number of teachers, students and Sisters of SPIC participated and offered an unforgettable night for all. Everyone had a part to contribute to the success of the day.
Perhaps, the harmony of multiculturalism at SPIC is an echo from what Pope Francis asks of our Church to become : the house for all races where we pledge our love for one another with Christ, in Christ and for Christ!
May God continue to bless our mission and our journey together.
Sr Maria Goretti Tran

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