25th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass of St. Paul de Chartres Residential Aged Care

24 May 2017

“Praise the Lord with all our heart
The Lord is full of love and mercy upon us”
What’s a wonderful day! Full of God’s love throughout 25 years in history to the present! Without God we can do nothing. Whatever we have come from the Lord who loves us so much.
Today is 24th of May, Feast day of Our Lady Help of Christians, and it is also Australia’s Patron Saint. Our Sisters chose this day to dedicate the Residental Age care under the protection of Our Dear Mother Mary, and ask Our Blessed Mother to take care of the Sisters and help us in our Apostolic work. 25th anniversary of spc aged care
On Wednesday, at 10: 30 in the morning, a Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated in the Nursing home Hall. We were really priviliged to have the Most Reverenced Archbishop Mark Coleridge as the main celebrant, with Bishop John and other four priests co-celabrated with him. The Altar was decorated by the junior Sisters and Novices. It was simple but full of meaning that helps us lift up our heart towards the Lord and it give us more strength to continue our mission in this land.
When the “Angelic choir” (as Jennifer, our choir mistress calls it - make up of Sisters young and the ‘not too young’) started to sing the entrance song and the Archbishop and all priests processed up to the altar, I imagined that I was in heaven because the music and the singing lifted up my heart to the Lord so closely!

I was so happy to be here with the Sisters and the Residents to celebrate the 25th Anniversary where I could learn a lot how to love and serve our Lord with all of my heart, soul and mind through others, especially the elderly who really need our care. It is not only about physical health but one of the most important reasons that they are here is to search for spiritual input and companionship from the Sisters and Staffs.
“Are you ready Sister Anna?” This question has been repeated at least twice this morning. The first one who asked me that was a maintaining staff, the second one was a priest who asked me. My answer was always “yes, I am ready all the time to celebrate God’s love”.

25th anniversary of spc aged careAfter Mass, Everybody moved up to the Community Center to enjoy our big lunch with varieties of food which was provided by the Nursing home chef. Everybody enjoyed the warm and lovely atmosphere from the staffs and Residents and feel that we are one family. I could see and observe that everyone tries to do his/her best to serve the Lord to those who need our help and support.

Moreover, all the staffs were inspired by a Sister who works with them . I heard a lot of feedbacks from staffs as well as residents who praise that Sister” Sister, do you know that Sister…… she is very lovely, joyful, I love her very much. Where is she today, I did not see her. Is she alright?” I look at her and smiled and told her that today that sister had a day off. How wonderful to hear that feedback which really comes from their heart.
Furthermore, in the middle of the meal, All the Staffs brought to our Sisters a big surprise. After one of the Staff who represented all to say “Congratulations” and “Thank You” to Our Sisters. They brought out some of the beautiful and magnificent pictures which they took from Rome and France. They got it during the trip they went to Rome with some of our Sisters in the “Saint Paul De Chartres Pilgrimage”. This Pilgrimage was organized for the staffs who dedicated themselves to serve in our Nursing Home. They love the trip so much! Most of them were there for the first time.
Praise the Lord and thank God for all the blessings that we have received from the beginning when we opened the Nursing home, now and forever, because God’s love never ends. He will help us to do his will, we are only his instruments.
Sr. Anna Pham


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