4 December 2017

This is my first time to participate in a Youth Festival, even my age is no longer young. Only God can make it. I really thank God for giving me back “I’m young again”. Through this Youth Festival I can see the great JOY, and how much young people are capable of spreading this joy, and see also the hunger for joy in this world. ACYF2017
My reflection is on JOY, as we are in Advent, preparing the way of the Lord. “Rejoice always in the Lord, let your heart be filled with Joy, for the Lord is near”. During the first plenary, there were many questions coming up in my mind. One question that struck me is “Where do you find JOY?”. Jesus Christ is the source of our Joy. Personally since the year of Consecrated Life in 2015, Pope Francis calls us to be witnesses of JOY:
“Where there are religious, there is joy. We are called to know and show that God is able to fill our hearts to the brim with happiness; that we need not seek our happiness elsewhere; that the authentic fraternity found in our communities increases our joy; and that our total self-giving in service to the Church, to families and young people, to the elderly and the poor, brings us life-long personal fulfilment.” ACYF2017
Since then, at every Mass, I take my cup of joy during the consecration of bread and wine. Actually, I have 3 cups, a cup of joy, a cup of suffering, and the last is the cup of salvation (in the future to come). All these cups make my day every single day.
“JOY to the World the Lord has come”!

Sr. Marie Ryene

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