Lunar New Year – A Celebration of Love

16 February 2018

Every two years, St Paul’s International College holds a day which is called “Games Day” for all the staff and School students. This year there is a special surprise. Chinese New Year occurred when the School year had just started. As SPIC Director, Sister Angelina wants this to be a day of unity, warm welcome and Love. 2018 new year
School always starts with Mass which is the core of our everything. We were excited and enthusiastically preparing everything for this significant event. Mass was Celebrated solemnly by Fr Richard Green, our Parish Priest. All Sisters, teachers, staff and students participated. Our lovely Chapel was packed. Choir sang in unison. We all believed that is God’s plan and it was a wonderful start for our School Year 2018.
After Mass, the Dragon Dance Group came into the Chapel and led the Congregation to the Play Ground. The white and Red Colour they wore signified something pure as the first morning and all the lucky things New Year brings. Everyone appeared with a fresh and joyful face welcoming another year as a gift from the Creator.13 We engaged in different kinds games such as “Water Flash”, “Supper Slide”, “Dodgem Cars”, “Karaoke”, “hand balls”, “face painting” and so on. Playing games is one of the most effective ways to encounter each other and know each one better. In this way, we build up our School as a community of faith, love, and unity in diversity. Chinese New Year Day becomes a day which conveys a thrill of love. SPIC becomes 2018 new yeareveryone’s second home where we experience the attentive care form the Sisters, teachers and mates. We enjoy the company of each other. Above all, it struck me most about how God works through people, especially those who are in most need of his helps. I personally could not forget a God who reconnects people together from division. That was a time of reflection, understanding, and striving for forgiveness. He is the God who heals, who cures and who is always ready to forgive. The event was very fruitful. Chinese New Year celebrates a traditional occasion, “A Game Day” in SPIC this Year achieved an amazing result: everyone felt warmly united in love. We thank God for his providence, whose hands have been protecting and guiding our School in carrying out his works. Thanks to Sisters Angelina for her wonderful intension and to all the Sisters, staff and Students who have contributed and participated in making this day a Day of God’s Shinning Love!

Sr. Teresa Rose Tran

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