Multicultural Night at SPIC

23 March 2018

 No matter what kinds of festivals they are, they make people happy, exhilarated, forgetful of their worries and anxieties while enjoying and engaging in a change of pace in a routine life. In addition, festivals often display to a certain degree, the traditions, customs and cultures of the participating groups from different countries and origins. This is no exception to what we have experienced in the Annual International Festival at St. Paul’s International College held on 23rd March this year. 2018 multiculture
It has been a tradition for many years that at this Festival, the School provides an opportunity for residents of Moss Vale and the neighbouring towns to come and experience at first-hand: East, West, African and Oceanic cultures by tasting international foods and watching performances presented by our multicultural students and staff. At this Festival, our students - overseas and locals, are given a chance to affirm their own nationalities; thereby, shaping their identity and patriotism and understanding other people’s cultures as well.
While preparing and participating in the festival, I could afford to have a good look around. For example, it could be seen that many teachers and staff were working hard to manage the performances and food stalls while my classmates were making an effort to show their talents. Furthermore, the Sisters also spent every evening on practicing dancing for about three weeks before our performances. Of course, it was not always exciting and pleasing. In my case, coping with unfamiliar rhythm and motion was uncomfortable, as if I wore the unfitted clothes. In addition, the process of combining many ideas and suggestions took a lot of time and required much patience and perseverance.
Reflecting on the event, I remember the disciples of Jesus, imagining how many times they faced struggles and challenges due to their diverse backgrounds. However, like what they had experienced at Pentecost, we too, were tasting a sort of a new “pentecost” in which we were surprisingly united, full of joy and passion as we arrived towards the day of the festival. Particularly, even though everyone was very busy, I have experienced kindness, generosity and an enjoyable atmosphere from every staff and student. There was no grumbling or complaint at all.
2018 multicultureIn addition, the most interesting moment I have had at the festival was the K-pop dance performance, comprised of two Korean and four Vietnamese Sisters. The funny dressing code and super-energetic, frantic movements made the audience got very excieted and bursting with howling laughters! It was an unforgettable memory for me when I heard the audience shouting, cheering and enjoying our performance.
I am very happy that I had a great opportunity to participate in this year’s Festival which could be the last one before I move on to another mission. I enjoyed and encountered the international environment provided in our school – the different cultures, foods, traditional songs and dances. Moreover, I was grateful to God for giving beautiful weather and meeting nice people. This experience gives me a chance to value the common traditional wealth we all share in our own countries, and this leads to a deep respect for the variety of views, customs, cultures and traditions of other countries. I am really hoping that mutual knowledge, understanding and appreciation obtained through this Annual International Festival might be the foretaste of unconditinal love for which we are moving toward.

Sr. Anna Seong

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