12 February 2018

 God’s loving providence has blessed me to be human, Christian, and religious person, who is loved by God, by my family and by my Religious Community. For this I would like to express my humble gratitude and my deepest love towards God and to all those who have accompanied me in my life’s journey on this special occasion of my 25th Anniversary in Religious Life.2018 25 years aniversary
There is no adequate word to express God’s love. From my experience I only can sing with a child heart:
God’s love is so wonderful!
God’s love is so wonderful!
So high, you can’t get over it.
So deep, you can’t get under it.
So wide, you can’t get around it.
Oh, wonderful love!
A period of 25 years is not too long but it is enough for me to acknowledge as St. Catherine of Sienna says: “God, Who is He and I, who is not”. There is not because of my goodness or holiness so that I have received many blessings from God since I was a human being. As a Sister of St. Paul de Chartres, God’s love to me through the Sisters, friends, and spiritual directors who love me, guide me, care for me, support and help me, especially at my time of oversea missions in Rome and Australia with new environments, new languages, new cultures, new relationships, and so on. Yes! I was worried. Can I adapt? Can I fulfill my tasks? However, it seems everything has gone smoothly. In fact, as a human I got both positive and negative feelings. But it does not matter because “God will make a way where there seems to be no way . . .” and “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Cor 12:9).
25 years of following Christ in Religious Vocation2018 25 years aniversary
25 years of blessings
From God’s love, I learn how to love.
From God’s faithfulness, I learn how to be faithful.
From God’s providence, I learn how to trust.
I wish to hear again and again the words of the angle said to Mary: “Rejoice! The Lord is with you” (Lk 1:29). Through the intercession of Our Lady, may God bless you : all those who were, who are and who will be the presence of God to me and to others, so that we can walk together on our journeys in harmony with joy and happiness because God is with us.

Sr. Inede PHAM



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