2018 Year of Youth - SOWING THE SEED

23 October 2018

 year of youth 2018With Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, the Sower (Mt 13: 37), the universal Church participates Jesus’ mission to sow the seed of faith to the world at the present time, especially to the young people. 

2018, The Year of Youth “Faith and Vocation Discernment”. There are many activities such as conference, retreat, Youth Festival, Youth Mass, Sport Day … organized by Parishes, Deaneries, Dioceses, and the summit is the Synod on Young People at the Vatican in October 2018. This is a great opportunity for the youngyear of youth 2018 people to make new friends who come from different parts of the world but at the same time share the same one faith, one God, one baptism. Gathering together they worship God and tell their stories, experiences, their joy and happiness as well as their struggles and their dreams. It sparks them into meaningful action and so grow stronger in faith and help increasing their sense of belonging to God and to the Church. 

The closing of “The Year of Youth” can be seen as an opening of the new era for new hearts, new minds and new lives. May the Holy Spirit stir the soil, water the face of the earth and destroy all kinds of worms retarding our spiritual life, so that the tree of faith can blossom and produce good fruits for the Kingdom of God.

Sr. Inede Pham


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