6 July 2011 | General Interest

VOCATIONS FORUM : Want To Know Where God Is Leading You?

The Vocations Awareness Committee of the Catholic Parish of Mentone-Parkdale in Melbourne is going to hold a Vocations Forum on 6th July, 2011 at the O’Hallan Centre at the Parish at Mentone, Victoria. The Forum starts at 7:30 p.m. and will be concluded at 9:00 p.m. with supper.

The purpose of this Forum is to help adolescents and young adults from parishes nearby to explore the four states of life (married life, priesthood, religious life, consecrated life) and to discern which state of life that God is calling them to. Speakers invited include young married couples, priests, religious Brothers and Sisters, seminarians and young men and women living a consecrated life. Each speaker will have their turn to tell the story of their vocation and then time will be given to the audience to ask questions.

It will be a very interesting and informative evening.
Come along, young people! Discover for yourself something deep down in your heart which YOU yearn for... God might be telling you this time, an important message which could change your whole life!

For further details of the VOCATIONS FORUM, please contact

Sister Mary Joseph spc
St. Paul’s Convent
3 Mitchell Street,
Mentone, Vic. 3194

Telephone : (03) 9583 7693
Email : 6mj4sze7spc@gmail.com

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