Called by Love and for Love

The Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres never forget that it is God who chose each one of them with a very special love. They treasure this unique love and return love for love by spending their whole life, talents and energy in proclaiming the Good News of God’s Kingdom by prayer and action. That’s where they find true joy and happiness!

The Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres was founded in 1696 in Levesville, a small, remote village not too far from Chartres in France, by Father Louis Chauvet and a young noble lady called Marie Anne de Tilly. Father Chauvet was a young and newly-appointed parish priest, but he soon discovered poverty, ignorance and hunger in his parish. He wished to help those villagers to rise from their poverty. He wanted to teach them to know, love and worship God. So, with the help of Marie Anne de Tilly, they began teaching four young peasant girls reading and writing so that they could in turn teach other children in the village how to read and write. These four young girls eventually came together daily for prayers and began living a common life. This was how they formed the very first community of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres.

This brave, humble, little community of young women dedicated to God and doing His good works by instructing the young and visiting the sick began to grow. In 1708, Monsignor Paul Godet des Marais, Bishop of Chartres blessed their work and gave them St. Paul the Apostle as their patron and Our Blessed Mother as their model. Like St. Paul, the Sisters are to “work zealously so as to make a living from the work of their own hands” and thus be able to serve others gratuitously and “be all things to all people”.

Soon, the Sisters started to establish new communities around the district and beyond. Urged by the cry of the poor and the needy from far-off mission lands, the Sisters quickly sent missionaries abroad to the West Indies, Madagascar, and other parts of Europe. Now, we have Sisters in 35 countries spreading in 5 continents, serving people of all nations in Europe, Asia, America, Canada, the West Indies, Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Israel, Russia, and even in the North Pole!

The Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres is an Apostolic and Missionary Congregation. Therefore, the Sisters could be asked to serve in mission lands far away from their home countries. But, each of them know very well that God’s grace is always there to give them strength and courage to do His work with cheerfulness and selfless love. Indeed, to be a Sister of St. Paul de Chartres is never boring! On the contrary, it is a life full of meaningful surprises because once an SPC Sister, you are launched into a challenging and exciting adventure with the Lord !

Apostolate in Australia

Here in Brisbane, our Sisters has established an Aged Care to serve and care for the elderly of different nationalities and cultures, giving them ‘a home away from home’.

In Moss Vale, New South Wales, our Sisters have founded an International College to educate the teenagers and young adolescents, showing them the way to what is true, good and beautiful; guiding them in personal development and preparing them for entry into the universities in Australia.

In Sydney and in Melbourne, our Sisters are engaged in both education and in pastoral ministry. They work in parishes, schools and universities, guiding and nurturing the spiritual life of children and of youth, accompanying young men and women in discerning the call of God to priesthood and to religious life. The Sisters also go around visiting the sick and the aged in Nursing Homes and in hospitals, bringing Holy Communion to the Catholic patients and the elderly.

A Day in a Sister’s Life

Every morning, the Sisters participate actively in the Eucharistic Sacrifice as a community, spending time with God in prayer and meditation.

They do God’s work by educating the young, caring for the sick and the aged. They also engage in works of mercy in parishes, teaching the children, visiting the sick and the lonely, serving the poor and the needy in local areas and in the missions.

Every evening after their daily work, they return to their convent where they join the community to thank God and worship Him in the Blessed Sacrament. At the end of the day, the Sisters meet together for relaxation and community interchange, rejoicing in one another’s company before retiring in silence for prayer and rest.

Would you like to return God’s love for love By LIVING His life and SERVING His people through the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres?

Would you wish to KNOW more and to EXPERIENCE HOW we live our lives with Jesus Christ? COME and SEE !

For more information and booking for week-end ‘live in’ with the Sisters, please contact:

Sister Mary Joseph spc
The Vocation Coordinator
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Mentone, Victoria 3194

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