New South Wales


  • The first Community was founded in 1984 in Moss Vale
  • A second community was established in 1991 in Lane Cove, Sydney
  • 2 houses, 7 Sisters


  • Education
  • Catechesis
  • Pastoral and parish services
  • Youth ministry for ethnic groups
  • House of studies for SPC Sisters learning the English language and furthering their professional trainings

Moss Vale Community

Lane CoveFour of our Sisters are actively engaged in St. Paul’s International College. They work as Director of the College, nursing Sister, librarian, and office administrator. A younger Sister is engaged in furthering her professional studies and trainings.

St. Paul’s International College, formerly known as Aurora College, was opened in 1986 with only 13 students. 15 years later, the enrolment has reached over 200. Throughout those difficult years, the College had faced many crises and challenges: the SAR epidemic, economic depression in Asia, new visa requirements, political instability in Asia and fluctuating exchange rates and increasing competition for Asian students to study in Australia. Thanks to the tremendous efforts, cooperation, prayers and sacrifices on the part of the Sisters and staff, the College was able to overcome these crises which, for a time, had almost threatened its very existence.

Moss Vale CommunityToday, the College has greatly improved and developed its physical infrastructure. The library especially has undergone an extensive renovation and new digitised services are introduced to provide easy access to the much broader range of materials now available. Among other new additions are 14 new, modern classrooms, a Visual Arts Centre and a new Boarding House.

SPIC offers the NSW HSC Course, the New South Wales University Foundation Year Course, the ESL Course and Year 10 Certificate Course to students from all over the world.

Student Sisters of our Congregation from Asia, Africa and Europe have also come to study English at the
College and their presence have enriched us, providing continuous inspiration for both students and staff alike.

Although less than one per cent of our students are Catholic, they have contributed to the liturgical life of the parish by serving Mass as altar -servers and as choir members. A number of students during the past years, responding to the grace of God, have requested catechetical instructions from the Sisters and were baptized as Catholics before leaving our College. All of the College community – Catholic and non-Catholic alike- and many local parishioners were touched by the Journey of the World Youth Day Cross and Icon hosted by the College in March 2008.

Lane Cove Community

In addition to serving the international students from Moss Vale during term breaks from 1991 to 2004 as ‘a home-away-from-home’, our Sisters in Lane Cove were, from the outset, actively involved in various areas of the apostolate: visiting the sick and the aged, teaching religion in the parish and in the public schools, giving catechism classes to children and adults in Chinese Catholic Communities and conducting Bible study groups. They also used their artistic talents to make handicrafts to raise funds for the Youth Of The Streets organisation run by Fr. Chris Riley SDB.

At present, there are two Sisters living in this community. Besides being involved in the usual pastoral responsibilities, one of them also teaches Religious Studies at St. Paul’s International College, and has also been serving as a ‘spiritual companion’ to groups of Asian students in different universities with faith-sharing and faith-building sessions. Another Sister serves in the Chinese Chaplaincy in the Parramatta Diocese.

This community has also been a home-away-from-home for some of our young Sisters who have come from different Asian countries to study English or to further their professional training.

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