• Founded in 1999
  • In Mentone, in the Archdiocese of Melbourne
  • In the Catholic parish of Mentone-Parkdale (formerly known as St. Patrick’s and the Holy Angels)
  • 1 house, 4 Sisters


  • Pastoral ministry in parish schools and parishes
  • Catechesis and Youth ministry in catholic Chinese community and in Vietnamese communities
  • Vocation Promotion
  • House of formation for Junior Sisters
  • House of studies for SPC Sisters furthering their professional and theological trainings

Mentone Community

MelbourneOur Catholic Parish of Mentone – Parkdale comprises parishioners from several major ethnic groups in Australia: English, Irish, Italians, Greeks, Polish, and the Maltese. It is interesting and challenging to work with these various groups because each has its distinctive cultural uniqueness. We are privileged to be among them and serve the Church alongside with them.

All Sisters in the community are engaged with various pastoral activities of the parish: visiting the elderly and the housebound, giving them Holy Communion ; conducting Sunday School and teaching catechism to children attending non-catholic schools; giving spiritual directions to Legions of Mary, Mothers’ Prayers Groups, Friends of St. Paul and organising Eucharistic Adorations for young men and women discerning their priestly or religious vocations. A student Sister from Thailand stays with us to further her studies in the Australian Catholic University and in the Catholic Theological College.

Two Sisters are involved in the Youth Groups of the Vietnamese Catholic Community and one Sister is involved in the Youth Group of the Catholic Chinese Community. We organise Bible study groups, ‘praise and worship’, choir and catechism class for them. From time to time, we give them talks in retreats, youth camps and leadership camps.

A Sister from our community is also actively involved with the parish school as a Directress of Catechesis, her role is to organise and engage teachers and students in liturgical, religious and catechesis activities. She also accompanies the Director of Vocations in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to visit primary and secondary schools to promote priestly and religious vocations.

Another Sister in our community is in charge of formation for Junior Sisters in the Region of Australia. In 2006, we saw the first group of Junior Sisters from the Region making their Final Vows in our parish – an event deeply moving and unforgettable to all and which our parishioners have not been participating and witnessing for over 30 years!

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